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RISLONE Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement

RISLONE Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement

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Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement stabilizes engine oil by improving viscosity and preventing thermal breakdowns. Adds protection between scheduled oil changes and extends service life of oil by as much as 50%. Restores performance and fuel economy in high-mileage engines. Hy-per Lube is the ideal choice for high-mileage engines showing signs of wearing down or diminished performance. Our engine oil supplement effectively seals piston rings and valve guides, restoring performance and improving fuel efficiency. As compression is restored, oil consumption and exhaust smoke are reduced for an overall healthier engine.
  • Prolonged Drain Interval upto 7,500km (under normal conditions)
  • Increases Film Strength
  • 100% Petroleum Based Formula, Safe & Effective for Wet Clutch Applications
  • Compatible With All Petroleum & Synthetic Oils
  • Prevents Wear at Start-Up & Reduces Noise
  • Helps Restore Horsepower & Torque

Dosage & Directions

Petrol Engines
Replace 0.9L of oil with 0.9L of Hy-per Lube in 4 to 6L systems. Larger
systems use 20% by volume. (Up to 2L in worn high kilometer engines)

Diesel Engine
10% by volume

Manual Transmissions
20% to 40%

20% to 40%

Gear Boxes
20% to 40%

Assembly Lube
100% Hy-per Lube

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hy-per Lube compatible with synthetic oil?
Yes, Hy-per Lube works with all types of engine oils including petroleum, synthetic blends and full synthetics.

Will Hy-per Lube reduce valve train noise?
In most applications it will reduce valve train or lifter noise but there are certain times when it cannot reduce noise where a mechanical fix/repair is required.

Can I use Hy-per Lube in a newer engine? What will be the benefits?
Yes you can use Hy-per Lube in new engines. The main benefit you will receive is long term reduced wear.

Is Hy-per Lube safe for turbocharged engines?
Yes, it is especially good for turbocharged engines because they run hotter and work harder.

Can Hy-Per Lube be used in automatic transmissions?
No, it cannot be used in automatic transmissions.

Technical Information

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