There’s a lot riding on your vehicle. As one of the most expensive purchases you will make, your car, truck, van or SUV needs to be taken care of to guarantee durability, performance, value and safety. One important and often overlooked way to improve your engine, fuel system, and oil is to use Rislone performance chemicals.

We continue to evolve alongside the industry’s automotive technological changes in order to create the most complete line of products that serve the broadest range of automotive needs – from repairs, to maintenance, to getting peak performance from your engine.

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  • "More than impressed by your Head Gasket Fix, put it in my work car (Nissan Pulsar) when it was losing coolant and blowing white smoke, overheating etc. from a bad head gasket at 300,000km thinking i'd get a few more months out of it then scrap it and its now at 353,000ks and still doing 640ks a week with no smoke no coolant loss and no over heating"

    Damian - Sydney, Australia
  • "I have a 2001 F150 with 220,000 km on it. For the last year or so, there was noise coming from the engine. I decided to try Rislone Engine Treatment after I read so many great reviews. So about 2 weeks ago, I put it in with an oil change. At first, I thought it did nothing. I had to wait about 100 km or a bit more. Et Voila! It works. The noise is now gone and the engine just purrs along!"

    Joan Peters - Perth, Australia
  • "I was about to sell my old Honda CRV due to massive amounts of smoke and rough idle, I had a fresh oil change and it got worse, I looked for anything and found Rislone Compression Repair in my local parts store 'super cheap' and thought it cant hurt. I put the whole bottle in and went for a drive around 3 hours, still smoking a small amount but after 3 days now no smoke and the idle is perfect! Some how it has more power and my fuel usage is much better. Not sure if your product is witchcraft or what but MY GOD DOES IT WORK!!!"

    Cliff Bartram - Brisbane, Australia
  • "Can’t believe how quickly the Oil Seal product worked, day 2 and no more smoke at start up! Peace of mind for under $60."

    Darren G - Brisbane, Australia
  • "My car had rough acceleration, after using Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner.. Wow!... I noticed the difference within 5min of driving.. Totally worth every cent.. I did try all other products but Rislone worked fastest and gave the best result."

    Harry S. Jones - Melbourne, Australia

  • "I used Rislone Head Gasket Fix on a 94 Toyota Camry V6 which was running on five cylinders and using 2L of coolant each drive. Within 45mins of using the product the car was running like new on all 6 cylinders and there was no more steam vapour from the tail pipe. I'm really impressed with the product and would highly recommend."

    Sebastian Duggin - Sydney, Australia

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