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RISLONE Hy-per Fuel Fuel Injector Cleaner

RISLONE Hy-per Fuel Fuel Injector Cleaner

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Rislone Hy-per Fuel Fuel Injector Cleaner Concentreate is the best all-around fuel additive to use with every tank of fuel. This complete fuel system tune-up helps eliminate noisy injectors & fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation. High performance additives maximize power, performance, kilometres and help save petrol by cleaning & lubricating fuel injectors. Smoothes rough idle and eliminates hard starts giving cleaner, quieter operation. Cleans fuel injectors, increases kilometres and saves on high fuel costs at the pump.

  • Cleans Fuel Injectors
  • Smoothes Rough Idle and Eliminates Hard Starts
  • Cleans fuel injectors, increases kilometres and saves on high fuel costs at the pump.
  • Works With All Fuel Injected, Turbo, Direct Injected & Carbureted Engines.

Dosage & Directions

One bottle is concentrated to treat up to 76L of petrol or diesel fuel. For small engines, use ¼ bottle for every 19L.

Safe to use on vehicles with oxygen sensors, catalytic converters and particulate filters. Will not void manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.

Unique formulation allows it to work in both petrol and diesel fuel engines. For diesel applications this fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel fuel motor vehicles and non-road engines.

Remove cap by squeezing and turning at the finger tabs and remove foil seal. Gently tip bottle and completely insert spout into fuel tank opening, allowing entire contents to empty into tank. Results will be either immediate or noticeable within a few days of driving.

Use with all petrol, ethanol E10 E85 & diesel fuels.

Works with all fuel injected, turbo, direct injected & carbureted engines.

EZ Nozzle™ works in all vehicles including capless fuel tanks.


Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner is compatible with Rislone Diesel Treatment and Rislone Octane Booster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner do?
With continued use, it reduces carbon build-up which causes pre-ignition, power loss, burned valves and broken rings. It also cleans injectors to reduce loss of fuel economy, hesitation, pinging (spark knock), and helps restore performance.

How does Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner work?
This product contains a unique blend of additives that clean & lubricate the entire fuel system, including fuel tanks, lines injectors, and even carburetors on older vehicles.

How can this reduce a noisy fuel system?
The UCL (Upper Cylinder Lubricant) additive lubricates the fuel pump, injectors and upper cylinder to reduce friction & wear, reducing noise.

How much will my fuel economy improve?
This varies depending on the age of the vehicle, the quality of the fuel used, and how dirty the system is. It is normal for larger increases in KPL on the first dosage and then it will usually taper off and flatten out from the second dosage on. For best results use with every tank of fuel.

Will this work with Diesel Fuel?
Yes, Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner is designed to work with all diesel engines including ULSD Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Bio Diesel Fuel.

Will this harm the oxygen sensors or plug the catalytic converter?
No, this will not harm your engine or any emissions components including catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, or the EGR valve.

How much do I use?
Pour entire bottle into fuel tank. One bottle is concentrated to treat up to 75 L of petrol or diesel fuel. For smaller engines use ¼ bottle for every 19 liters. Larger vehicles use 50 mL per 20 liters of fuel. NOTE: For vehicles with known fuel lubrication problems, double the dosage.

Can I use in E-85 ethanol in my flex-fuel vehicle?
Yes, Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with Conditioner & Treatment works with the E-85 and will lubricate the fuel system reducing the negative effects that ethanol has on the system.

Will this bottle work in capless and obstructed fuel systems?
Yes, this bottle has special neck threads which allow this product to be safely and easily poured into all fuel tanks, including capless (no fuel cap) systems.

Can I use in my turbo charged or direct injected engine?
Yes, this is safe to use and works in all domestic and import turbo charged and directed injected gasoline (GDI) and diesel engines like the Ford EcoBoost (gas) PowerStroke (diesel) and GM Ecotec (gas) Duramax (diesel), Dodge Cummins Ram (diesel) and all others.

What is a capless fuel system?
Capless fuel systems go under a few names like Ford’s Easy Fuel System, but basically it is a vehicle with no regular gas cap. Capless systems are on many vehicles including Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Cadillac and more. The reason the car companies are moving to this system is to prevent fuel evaporation and emissions issues if the gas cap is left loose, not installed or is lost. Rislone is one of the fuel additives that will easily work with all capless, obstructed and regular fuel systems in cars and light trucks.

Can this replace the lubricant in the ULSD Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel?
Yes, Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with UCL is an excellent lubricant and will replace the lost additives in the new reformulated diesel fuel.

Does it work with both fuel injected and carbureted engines?
Yes, this multi-vehicle formula works with all fuel injected, port fuel injection (PFI), direct injected (DI/DIG), gasoline turbo direct injected (GTDI), turbocharged and carbureted engines.

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