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RISLONE Axle & Differential Gear Repair

RISLONE Axle & Differential Gear Repair

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Rislone Gear Repair is a treatment additive for use with automotive, heavy duty, agricultural, marine and industrial gear oils. Designed to mix with all synthetic and conventional petroleum GL-4, GL-5, MT-1 gear oil grades including 75W-90, 80W-90, 75W-140, 85W-140 and all others.

Extends system life by stopping leaks, reducing noise and improving gear performance. Superior anti-wear, anti-foam and anti-corrosion protection. Works in all manual gearboxes, differentials, open & posi axles and more. Stops pinion, axle, output shaft and other seal leaks. Reduces grinding, whining, clunking and protects gears.

  • Seal Conditioner - stops current and prevents future leaks by protecting
    and reconditioning seals.
  • Friction Modifier - supplements EP / AW additives to help reduce noise
    and wear. This helps shifting in a manual transmission and also stops
    chatter in limited slip posi traction axles.
  • Extreme Pressure EP / Anti-wear AW Agents - provide excellent
    metal-to-metal wear protection reducing noise and gear temperatures.
    These Sulfur, Nitrogen and Phosphorus additives meet the requirements
    of API GL-4 and GL-5 specifications.
  • Performance Additive Booster - including tackifier and highly sheer
    stable multi-grade viscosity modifiers work to keep oil on the gears and
    bearings where it can better lubricate, especially at higher temperatures.
    Pour Point Depressant allows product to flow even at low temps

These additives stop & seal oil leaks and reduce noise. Gear Repair renews worn oil and restores older & high mileage / kilometre gear performance. Works and safe to use on differential axles (limited slip, posi, open, electric), gears (hypoid, spider, worm, rack), transfer case (AWD, 4WD, gear oil, ATF), manual standard transmission (gear oil, engine oil, ATF), hubs, marine and much more. Helps with small leaks (if you need to add oil 1x per month), medium leaks (If you need to add oil 1x per week), and other oil related problems.

Dosage & Directions

Add 150mL to 175mL per litre of system capacity.
Do not overfill.
One bottle treats up to 3 litres of gear oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Rislone Gear Repair clog a filter?
No. Unlike our cooling system product, Rislone Gear Repair has no particles to plug the leak, it works chemically to stop leaks in gaskets and seals.

Will Rislone Gear Repair work with all types of gear oil?
Yes, Rislone Gear Repair is designed to be compatible with regular petroleum, synthetic blends, full synthetic and high mileage / kilometer gear oil formulations.

How does Rislone Gear Repair stop leaks?
After time, seals tend to dry out and shrink. Rislone Gear Repair revitalizes these seals and makes them soft and pliable again.

How much do I install?
Add 150mL to 175mL per litre of system capacity. One bottle treats up to 3 litres of gear oil.

If first application does not completely stop leak, may I add another bottle?
Yes, you can install a second application for hard to stop leaks and problems. If your leak or problem persists after a second application, then mechanical attention may be required.

How long does it take to start working?
Rislone Gear Repair starts working the minute you install and start driving the vehicle, or using the piece of equipment. You will usually see results immediately or in about 150 kilometres or 2 days of driving.

Can Rislone Gear Repair be used in a standard (manual) transmission?
Yes, you can use this product to help stop leaks and noise in a manual transmission.

Technical Information

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