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FRSH Scents Paper - RED APPLE

FRSH Scents Paper - RED APPLE

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FRSH Scents Red Apple is as sweet as it sounds!
This luxury card is made of heavy-weight material for a quality infused scent, with a double-sided design and a black hanging string for easy display.
Get your hands on it for a fragrant experience that's sure to leave your mouth watering!

  • Luxury Heavy-Weight Card
  • Double-Sided Design
  • Black Hanging String
  • Single Pack


For a longer lasting scent, cut a small opening in the bag, then pull the air freshener out about 15mm. To further strengthen the scent, trim the bottom of the bag off approximately 15mm at a time. Avoid placing air freshener on vinyl, carpet, plastic, leather or varnished surfaces. Do not hang in car so as to obstruct driver’s view.

Technical Information

CODE: FR1420

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