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FRSH Scents 3D Flower Vent Clip - FRESH COTTON

FRSH Scents 3D Flower Vent Clip - FRESH COTTON

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Treat your car to the exquisite beauty of our FRSH Scents 3D Luxury Flower!
With its soft touch design and Fresh Cotton scent, it'll last you for 30 days! Just attach it to your car air vent and let the hidden fragranced stone diffuser fill your car with a perfumed scent.

  • Lasts up to 30 Days
  • Soft Touch Flower Design
  • Easy-to-use with Universal Vent Fitting
  • Hidden Fragranced Stone Diffuser
  • Single Pack


Remove vent stick from package. Attach clip to the diffuser back. Insert into car vent. Avoid placing air freshener on vinyl, carpet, plastic, leather or varnished surfaces.

Technical Information

CODE: FR9712

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