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AirPure Coca-Cola 3D Vent Clip - CHERRY

AirPure Coca-Cola 3D Vent Clip - CHERRY

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Freshen up your ride and add a pop of flavor with this Airpure Coca-Cola® 3D Vent Clip!
This adorable cherry-scented freshener attaches easily to your car's air vent to keep your vehicle smelling like a mini soda can, so you can enjoy an uplifting aroma while you cruise. So why not add a little something extra to your driving experience?

  • Neutralise odours with an invigorating fragrance
  • Easy to use & long lasting
  • Ideal for your vehicle, home, boat, caravan
  • 3D Coca-Cola® can design
  • Coca-Cola® Cherry Fragrance
  • Vegan friendly

Technical Information

CODE: CC-3D-V-C-404

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