Restore seals and stop leaks!

Restore seals and stop leaks!

Rislone Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair is a unique combination of lubricity agents, conditioners and chemical polymers, that restore the seals to like new condition. 

Chemical polymers work to fill in grooves worn in the crankshaft seal mating surface, building a polymer film between the seal and the crankshaft preventing leaks.

Most rear main seal leaks are caused by a combination of normal wear in the crankshaft & seal and the drying, hardening and shrinking of the main seal. Rislone Rear Main Seal Concentrate is specifically designed to seal rear main seal leaks, but it also works better than a conventional stop leak on all other leaks, including timing cover seals, cam seals, rear main seal, o-rings and other gaskets.

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