Rislone Head Gasket Fix vs. Rislone Liquid Copper: Which one should I use and when?

Rislone Head Gasket Fix vs. Rislone Liquid Copper: Which one should I use and when?

Rislone Head Gasket Fix is formulated to repair head gasket leaks; it requires no draining of the cooling system and is compatible with all types of antifreeze and coolant, as well as just water. It has a sodium silicate sealing liquid, combined with fiber filler particles, which are small enough to pass through your entire cooling system without clogging it, including the passages of the heater core. This formula’s special chemistry discovers the leak site, where it creates a chemical bond utilizing the extreme heat inside of the combustion chamber. This permanent seal is stronger than the original head gasket itself.

When should I use Rislone Head Gasket Fix?

If you’re experiencing a head gasket leak, you may notice white exhaust smoke, bubbling in the radiator and coolant reservoir (expansion tank), unexplained coolant loss, a milky colour in your engine oil, decreased acceleration, engine stalling and engine overheating. If you’re experiencing one or all these issues, and you are able to idle your vehicle for 20 minutes without it overheating or without having to add more coolant, then your vehicle is a good candidate for successful treatment with this product. Rislone Head Gasket Fix is suitable for use on aluminium and cast-iron heads and blocks and is also very successful at treating other engine cooling system leaks along the way.

Rislone Liquid Copper Block Seal is also a sodium silicate formula, which features slightly less sodium silicate than the Rislone Head Gasket Fix. The fibers in the formula also behave differently, as they are small enough to pass through all the internal passages in your cooling system, including the heater core. When these fibers and sealing liquid discover the leak, they pass through the leak site and meet the air. At this point, the fibers expand and bond together to bridge the gap and seal the leak.

When should I use Rislone Liquid Copper Block Seal?

If you’re experiencing unexplained loss of coolant, engine overheating or you have an intake manifold or block leak, this would be the correct product to choose. Block leaks often have similar symptoms to a head gasket leak which can include oil and antifreeze mixing, which can give your engine oil a milky colour. If your block has a crack, you may experience emissions fumes escaping through the engine block rather than the exhaust, engine overheating, and low compression.

While both products require no draining of the cooling system, it is recommended to flush with a chemical flush such as Rislone Radiator 10 Minute Flush or Rislone Super Radiator Flush. This is especially important if you are unsure when the cooling system was last flushed and refilled, or if another cooling system stop leak product has been installed, or if the radiator cooling system is partially blocked, or particularly dirty with scale and rust deposits. In cases like this, a flush is a vital first step to ensure the repair has the best chance for success.

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